Bringing Stories To Life Through Sound

Discovery Networks | Against The Odds

We had the opportunity to work on the second season of Against The Odds, the flagship series of Discovery’s American Heroes Channel, which premiered as the highest rated series in the network's history. For the project we were tasked with creating original live action audio. Working with a group of hand-picked actors, we took to the fields around Springfield to re-create battle scenes, wounded and dying, intense action sequences ranging from air attacks and German blitzkriegs for WW2, to platoon engagements during the second battle of Fallujah. Hours upon hours of live recordings were then brought back into our studio to be organized and prepped. We then took those elements, along with sound effects from both sound libraries and original Foley created by us and mixed together to help build the complex sound design desired by the director and production team. Often using up to 90 tracks of audio, Against The Odds is a tour de force of sound!

Client: Discovery Network
Production Company: 43 Films
Role: Original Sound Design, Sound Effects, Sound Mixing, Original Foley, and Live Action Foley

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