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Locke & Stache | Wake-N-Shred

Living just outside of one of the most prominent mountain bike regions in the United States and on one of the most expansive lakes west of the Mississippi certainly has its perks. Long days on the lake, wakesurfing, fishing, riding jet skis, are some of the most enjoyable summer times, but let’s be honest, we want to ride our bikes. So why not do both?

Spanning across the Arkansas/Missouri border lies Tablerock Lake. Littered with channels and creeks that edge away from the main body of the lake, Tablerock finds itself just a few miles from one of our favorite places to rip, Eureka Springs.

In search of a way to spend the day with our friends on the water and our friends on the trail, we found our ultimate shuttle vehicle. Shuttles are commonly used to take riders from point to point in order to avoid all of the undesired riding time. Arkansas is relatively flat with little elevation gain on even our biggest climbs, so our hurdle was the 2 hour drive all the way around the lake. Why not just throw the bikes on the boat and pin it to the trails. That is precisely what we do.

With the help of Kuat Racks, we built mounts that keep our bikes just off the side of the boat and out of our way for any boat use, which allows us to shuttle the bikes and wakesurf our way over there. We found our ultimate summer day, now we challenge you to find yours.


Location Sound Recording / Mixing, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Mix

Riders: Jimmy Smith, Spencer Rathkamp, and Collin Sigars
Wakesurfer: Summer Hunter
Producers: Jimmy Smith and Austin Elliott
Director of Photography: Chris Olson
B-Cam Operator: Josh Pfaff
First AC: Logan Triplett
Photographer: Dane Cronin
Behind the Scenes: Jared Hardy
Colorist: Brian Singler
Sponsors: Specialized Bicycles, Malibu Boats, Kuat Racks, Oz Trails, Eureka Springs Parks, Ikor Labs, and Ski Shack