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Journey On Jacksons

Welcome to JourneyOnJacksons!

Welcome to our new corner of the world! Colton and I decided to start this blog so we can better document our adventures and this season of life. We are SO excited to start sharing the renovation process on our RV, but first, we wanted to answer a few of questions we get asked frequently and explain a little bit more on why we are going on this crazy, fun journey of full time RV living.


So, buckle up. Here we go!


Question One: So, you guys are still living in a house... right?


Nope! In October of 2017, we said goodbye to our rental house and have been living full-time in our mini home ever since. Of course, we miss certain aspects of a “brick and sticks” home, especially a dishwasher and ice maker. And, it would be really great to have laundry in our home AND a huge hot water tank, but we wouldn’t trade what we have for what we lost any day. Can you imagine sweeping and mopping your whole house in 20 minutes? GLORIOUS!





Question Two: I could NEVER do it. How do you live in such a small space?


This may be the most commonly asked question we’ve gotten so far in our tiny home journey. Here’s our take: You couldn’t do it? That’s okay. Most days, we feel the same way about going back to a traditional home. We don’t miss the square footage and have become accustomed to spending more time outside rather than inside. In our rental house, we tended to stay in one room 90% of the time, leaving the rest of the house fairly unused. Colton and I like to be in the same room, whether he is working and I’m studying or I’m preparing a meal and he’s answering emails. Sharing space has always been normal for us, so the transition to a tiny home really didn’t feel too different.


Question Three: So, what’s the plan?


The honest answer? We’re not totally sure! We definitely have some plans in the making, but one giant perk to our mini living is that we can change our location to fit our needs at any time. Throughout this year, we plan to keep following work and family. It’s been great so far to see how we not only have more freedom with where we are but also how mini living has given us more freedom financially. (WHOOP!)



Question Four: What kind of RV do you have and how big is it?


We are currently living in a 2003 Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel. She is a whopping 37 feet long and roughly 320 square feet with the slides out. We have completely renovated the interior to make it feel way more homey and modern. (The early 2000s were hard on everyone, Ashley Tisdale and RV companies included).


We can’t wait to show more details in our next post on what our mini home looks like post-renovation, so be sure to check back soon and follow us on Instagram @journeyonjacksons.